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Back To Bethel LIVE!


You can watch our services live over the internet here or on our YouTube channel at the following times:

  • Sunday, 10:30am EST
  • Sunday, 5:00pm EST

(Our YouTube channel also has archived videos of past services…)

3 thoughts on “Watch LIVE!

  1. pastor Sonny, when i was doing better i would come to backtobethel easch chance i got.i have moved back to monroe now. i still can.t get there very well. i do watch your services each sunday that it allows me.i have family menbers with back to bethel.i will contuie to watch and grow.loard willing i will get better soon,so once again i can darkin your door,god bless you and your family

  2. Hello…this is Jerri Jeffries good friend of over 20+ years. She gave me this site and suggested I write you. I am a born again Christian woman, retired from human resources. Jerri has been so happy there, despite the challenges the Lord has allowed into her life; she rises to the occassion. I have seen her go through many seasons of change and I have done the same. She was actually my secretary in prineton, WV, when we first met. She was and is always so much fun, with the biggest heart. I know she has good memories of some happy times. I was blessed tolive in Hawaii for 12 years and that was where I was at when the Holy Spirit found me…freshly separated and then divorced. I now live in Baltimore with my daughter’s family. I am going to visit Jerri sometime this summer and I’m sure we will be attending your church. It must be wonderful to perform for the glory of God. I still wonder what my purpose in God is, but I’m sure when the time is right, HE will let me know. I have learnd patience. I wait on God. I have learned to trust HIM and the Holy Trinity for all my needs and they will provide. I step out in faith perhaps too readily, but I dont care…trying to do what you think HE wants, counts too, as obedience. Well, God Bless you and I will look forward to attending your church when I make it to NC. Have a great and blessed week. Audrey kaye

  3. I loved coming here to ear a wonderful Sermon and great music. Sonny is a wonderful Preacher. I live out of town and have tried to listen to the sermons on my computer but I can’t get it for some reason. I can’t drive so I cant get to a Church here and my ex-boyfriend would bring me there with his family and miss it so much. Thank you for touching my heart with each sermon Sonny and may God Bless you

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